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Why use Professional Shampoo and Conditioner?

By fringessalo9098462, Jul 12 2016 05:34PM

If you haven't asked your stylist this, then I'm sure you have wondered! There are many theories and opinions. These are my thoughts:

1. I think salon quality shampoo works better. The ingredients tend to be more gentle with less fillers, sulfates, and build-up creating wax.

2. Salon shampoo is more concentrated. You use less, therefore it lasts longer and the cost difference isn't really as great.


I think the biggest difference in salon formula vs. store formula shampoos have more to do with where your money goes than anything else. When you buy from Your salon, the owner uses her money to make a living to support herself and her family, invest in her salon, and supports the stylists that work in the salon. The stylists at Fringes Salon attended many classes each year to become experts on all of the latest products and treatments. By investing many hours in our education, We can prescribe, educate you, and reccomend the BEST products available to solve your hair needs!

When someone makes a decision to purchase their shampoo from me/us, I really feel honored that they trust my influence and recommendation. Plus, like most salons, We offer an equal exchange guarantee on my products. I stand behind my recommendations and will help you find a great shampoo and conditioner without buying several different bottles to get the right formula. Your local drug store can't say that.

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