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By fringessalo9098462, Oct 3 2016 11:25PM

As summer turns to Fall and heads into Winter, many of us experience those "scalp itchies". Often times it is accompanied by those annoying flakes (aka dry scalp), In many cases this is a condition know as Seborrhea (aka dandruff). Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal. Some people, however, experience an unusually large amount of flaking either chronically or as a result of certain triggers, which can also be accompanied by redness and irritation.

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting almost half of the population at the post-pubertal age and of any sex and ethnicity. It often causes itching. It has been well established that keratinocytes play a key role in the expression and generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate with season as it often worsens in winter. Dandruff is rare before puberty, peaks in the teens and early twenties, and declines with age thereafter Most cases of dandruff can be easily treated with specialized shampoos. There is, however, no true cure.

All of our Fringes Salon Stylists are highly trained in our scalp care product line called NIOXIN. If you are experiencing this "itchie scalp" problem, we would reccomend a SCALP RENEW TREATMENT. This is basically a Microdermabrasion for the scalp. It removes dead skin cells and prepares the scalp for the at-home regiment of SCALP RECOVERY. Scalp Recovery is a Shampoo and Conditioner that reduces inflammation and treats the "dandruff" problem which eliminated the flaking and those "itchies"! If you need help with this common skin condition, please CALL US today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 402-691-0909

By fringessalo9098462, Jul 12 2016 05:34PM

If you haven't asked your stylist this, then I'm sure you have wondered! There are many theories and opinions. These are my thoughts:

1. I think salon quality shampoo works better. The ingredients tend to be more gentle with less fillers, sulfates, and build-up creating wax.

2. Salon shampoo is more concentrated. You use less, therefore it lasts longer and the cost difference isn't really as great.


I think the biggest difference in salon formula vs. store formula shampoos have more to do with where your money goes than anything else. When you buy from Your salon, the owner uses her money to make a living to support herself and her family, invest in her salon, and supports the stylists that work in the salon. The stylists at Fringes Salon attended many classes each year to become experts on all of the latest products and treatments. By investing many hours in our education, We can prescribe, educate you, and reccomend the BEST products available to solve your hair needs!

When someone makes a decision to purchase their shampoo from me/us, I really feel honored that they trust my influence and recommendation. Plus, like most salons, We offer an equal exchange guarantee on my products. I stand behind my recommendations and will help you find a great shampoo and conditioner without buying several different bottles to get the right formula. Your local drug store can't say that.

JULY IS LITER SALE!!! Buy 1 Get 1 free (*while supplies last)

By fringessalo9098462, May 18 2016 12:13AM

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY. Come again some other day! I have been singing this tune in my head for the past couple of weeks. Yes, I love all the green grass and flowers it brings.... BUT I don't like all the FRIZZ that it causes in our hair! :( With Graduation Parties and Weddings abounding in May, couldn't the rain just be done already!?! Fringes Salon has the answer to the " humidity frizzy blues"....SMOOTHING TREATMENTS! We carry 2 options: KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT and BRAZILIAN BLOW OUT SMOOTHING TREATMENT. Check out our info page on our website for frequently asked questions. Call for a FREE Consultation with one of our experienced Fringes Salon Stylists and find out which option would be best for your hair type! 402-691-0909

By fringessalo9098462, May 1 2016 09:24PM

Happy May Day! Does anyone else remember making May Baskets? My sisters and I filled our little handmade paper baskets with popcorn and candies. Oh how we delighted in setting them next to our friends' front door, knocking on the door, and then running away like crazy! May Day was a reminder that the school year was about over and summer was just around the corner.

May is a great time chase away that "winter blah hair" (dehydrated, bodyless hair) by perking it up with a Wella Luxe Oil Treatment for more manageable, healthy, shiny hair! Mention this blog and receive $5.00 off a Wella Luxe Oil Treatment at Fringes Salon during the month of May.

By fringessalo9098462, Apr 20 2016 03:44PM

Fringes Salon was proud to participate in Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2016, showcasing their "Creativity" and "Passion" for the "Total Look". After drawing their theme of "Honeysuckle", Fringes Designers, Tiffany Marie, Manhatten and Kaylee prepared 8 models with unique and exciting fashion looks. You can check out their "Creations" on our Facebook page at